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Use of 1-900 Numbers in OSU Extension

OSU Extension believes that access to information is a public good. As we are significantly funded by county, state and federal funds, Ohioans depend upon calling OSU Extension offices to ask questions and request basic information. The use of 1-900# for hotlines/information links shifts access of information from a public good to a private good limited by one’s ability to pay.

OSU Extension does not consider the use of 1-900# to be a programmatic advantage for individual county, center or campus units. To do so on a case by case basis would result in cost differentials for information access across the state. Extension units would essentially become competitors of one another.

If a unit or programmatic team considers it advantageous to use a 1-900# to support a private good program, a proposal must be submitted that includes a business plan and a cost benefit analysis to the Associate Director, Programs, OSU Extension. The program must be statewide in focus so there are no cost differentials among county, center and or campus units. Proposals will be reviewed and approved or denied by OSU Extension Program Team.

Reviewed 2013