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Personal Property and Auto Insurance Coverage

Personal Property

Personal property brought into the workplace is done so at the employee's own risk. This would include wallets, purses, artwork, decorations, radios, personal papers, books, periodicals and other materials whether or not they are used in conjunction with an employee's job responsibilities. While the University recognizes its responsibility to provide a working environment that is as safe and secure as possible, it cannot accept responsibility for loss of personal property or vehicles which are personal property.

All faculty, staff and students are encouraged to purchase a standard home owner or renter's property insurance policy, which in most cases will provide some coverage for losses of personal property at work.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Your personal auto insurance is primary when you are driving your vehicle on OSU business. OSU’s insurance would provide coverage only after your personal limits are exhausted. Employees should check with their insurance agent to be sure that business usage of their vehicle is included in their policy.

Reviewed 2013