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Funding Philosophy – Grants, Contracts, Partnerships

Fulfilling commitments with Extension's existing partners is our first priority.
New resources provided by contracts, grants, gifts, and user fees are pursued and accepted when:

  1. The proposed programs fit with Extension's vision, mission, and priorities;
  2. The values and reputation of the funding organization are consistent with Extension's values and reputation;
  3. There is no expectation of compromising Extension's values;
  4. There is adequate funding to support the programs;
  5. Existing commitments are not compromised; and
  6. Expertise to support the program is available.


Engaging people to strengthen their lives and communities through research-based educational programming.


OSU Extension is a dynamic educational entity that partners with individuals, families, communities, business and industry, and organizations to strengthen the lives of Ohioans.

As Extension educators, we:

  • Focus on critical economic, environmental, leadership, and youth and family issues.
  • Engage people in lifelong learning.
  • Apply knowledge and practical research to the diverse needs and interests of Ohioans in rural, suburban and urban communities.
  • Extend resources of The Ohio State University.
  • Recruit and develop volunteers to multiply Extension’s efforts while developing their leadership potential.
  • Enhance teamwork through networking and connectedness.
  • Link youth, family and community needs to scholars in Ohio and nationwide.
  • Teach with cutting-edge strategies using new technologies and approaches.

In Extension we value:

  • Excellence in educational programming.
  • Grassroots programs that engage local people in solving problems and addressing challenges.
  • Unbiased researched based information.
  • Practical education that helps people help themselves.
  • Timely responses to clientele concerns.
  • Credibility with clientele and funders.
  • Honesty and integrity in our work.
  • Teamwork within offices, with clientele and with our educational partners.
  • Flexibility/adaptability in local programming.
  • Programming without discrimination and employment of people representing the diverse population of Ohio.

Approved by Administrative Cabinet on January 11, 2001; reviewed 2008