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Support of Professional Presentations

Application for State Support for Professional Presentations

  • Extension Administration provides $300 in travel support for county educators, regional and state specialists, and extension associates to help defray travel expenses associated with presenting a paper at a professional meeting.
  • This special support is available once per employee per calendar year and is subject to approval and available funding from Extension Administration.

To take advantage of this support, you should:

  1. Complete “Ohio State University Travel Request Form” for the trip. Indicate total expenses for the trip. Under account information, list unit account for all anticipated expenses. Submit for pre-approved T number.
  2. Take trip.
  3. Complete the “Application for State Support for Professional Presentation” The Application for State Support for Professional Presentation should be completed and submitted after the trip has been completed.
  4. Submit Travel Reimbursement Form to reimburse actual travel expenses.
  • Following approval and reimbursement submission, all expenses are assessed to the unit’s chart field of accounts; the $300 is transferred to the unit in January the following calendar year.
  • If there are multiple presenters, the $300 will be split between or among them; this should be noted on the form.
  • Send copy for information only to appropriate Assistant Director.
  • The $300 is charged directly to state funds; your unit account will bear the remaining costs.

Forms are available at following Extension business office website: