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Short-Term & Temporary Assignments - Review Process


Review for Short-Term, Temporary Positions

OSU Extension positions, which are identified as short-term or temporary, should be reviewed at the end of the commitment period before continuation/termination of the position is decided.

Within six weeks of contract end, the employee should submit a written response to the following questions:

  1. What were the goals of the position? Were they completed? How?

  2. What were the measurable accomplishments?

  3. What recommendations should be made for the future, regarding the
    continuation of this position?

  4. Name 2-3 colleagues who can describe how they have been supported by this role.

The report should be submitted to a review team, consisting of:

  • Supervisor(s)

  • Leader, Human Resources

  • Department Chair (if faculty)

The team should review the individual’s annual performance review(s), and the documentation submitted. They should also contact references provided by the employee. Review team will submit recommendations regarding future action for the continuation/termination of the position to the Executive Committee.

8/6/03: L. Kutilek