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Retirees Serving as Volunteers of OSU Extension

Retirees represent an extremely valuable resource and should not be overlooked as volunteers and continued contributors to OSU Extension educational programs. They should become volunteers of their own volition or at the invitation of OSU Extension; they should not be coerced or pressured into volunteer work. Consideration of retirees to serve as volunteers should be handled on a case-by-case basis, but within the following framework.

  1. There should be a break of several weeks between retirement and serving as a volunteer.
  2. The task should be other than supervision/administration.
  3. The volunteer arrangement should be based upon a written job description that specifies the task(s) being volunteered, the location of the work, the duration of the activity, and the supervisory structure.
  4. The arrangement must be approved by the county/regional unit or department administrator and OSU Extension director, with periodic reviews by the volunteer and immediate supervisor.
  5. The volunteer must observe all OSU Extension administrative policies and procedures (i.e. affirmative action, in-service, travel, and committments) which normally applly to faculty and staff and be supervised at one of the administrative levels.
  6. The volunteer should be reimbursed for his/her expenses as appropriate.
  7. Work must be part of OSU Extension programs, activities, or projects.
  8. The volunteer must identify himself/herself as a volunteer.
  9. Educational information and recommendations communicated by the volunteer must be current and approved by OSU Extension.
  10. The volunteer should normally serve half-time or less over the duration of the approved task(s).
  11. Volunteer work requiring access to building facilities should normally occur during regular office hours unless other arrangements are made with the immediate supervisor.
  12. Volunteers must be informed that while they are provided certain immunities from civil liability, the protection is different from the immunity and indemnification they had as employees. Legislation approved in 1986 provides OSU Extension volunteers (and those of other non-profit charitable organizations) with immunity unless acting in a negligent, willful or wanton, or intentional manner (Section 2305.38 Ohio Revised Code http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2305.38).

1/88 Ludwig, Stitzlein, Whiting
Approved by Administrative Cabinet 1/12/88 (Reviewed 2008)