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Recruiting/Hiring: Faculty Educators

Recruiting/Hiring: Faculty Educators


  • Increase number of faculty county Educators
  • Maintain a minimum of one faculty Educator in each county
  • Appeal to faculty-seeking applicants

Selection Prioritization:

  • No faculty Educators currently located in county
  • Identified as a priority position within region, county or cluster


  • MS required; PhD preferred
  • Minimum three years equivalent experience

Organizational Commitments:

  • Position description to note faculty expectations
  • Salary scale adjusted to meet Assistant Professor role
  • County match remains the same for A&P or faculty hire
  • No County Director assignment within first six years
  • Faculty educator will serve as a mentor
  • Access to $6,000 for research/presentation support (approx. $1,000/yr)
  • Application reviewed for faculty eligibility before state-level interview conducted

Approved Extension Admin. Cabinet, 9/11/08
Kutilek/Earnest proposal

Reviewed by G. Earnest 1/2013