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Naming Convention Guidelines

Ohio State University Extension Naming Convention Guidelines

This memo is offered as a reminder and/or clarification on how the name of Ohio State University Extension should be used in print or on the web.

When Ohio State University Extension changed it's name from "Ohio Cooperative Extension Service," Extension administration sanctioned the following guidelines for the way Extension would be referred to in text.

DO not use The Ohio State University Extension. Use Ohio State University Extension on first reference. On second and subsequent references you may use OSU Extension or Extension. Always capitalize Extension when used as an entity. If used as an activity such as "extension and research," do not capitalize.

Do not use Ohio State Extension.

Do not use acronyms or abbreviations, i.e. OSUE, OSU-E, OSUEX or OSU-EX except in cases where space is limited such as chart or graph headings. In these instances, use only OSUE.

Counties should use Ohio State University Extension, Franklin County, not Franklin County Extension. On second reference, use "county Extension office."

If you need further clarification or information, please feel free to contact Dave Scardena at scardena.1@osu.edu